A Very Odd Doctor Who Trifecta

? First, actual news — Neil Gaiman’s second Doctor Who episode has been confirmed to star the Cybermen and Warwick Davis. The latter excites me, the former doesn’t. Not that I mind the Cybermen, I’m just baffled why people are getting excited that he’s “bringing them back!” They’re the Cybermen. They’re almost as common as the Daleks. They might not have been featured for a while, but they also weren’t really gone anywhere for him to bring back, right? (Via Vulture)

? In more tangential Doctor Who news, David Tennant will be a voice in an upcoming episode of Clone Wars; he’ll play Huyong, an ancient droid who helps oversee lightsaber construction. There’s a clip above, and while I was initially as skeptical as the Lil’ Rodian, the character is pretty awesome. Note: If Lucas had still been running the show, there’s no way his character’s name wouldn’t have been D’Vid Tinnaaaahnnn’nnnnto. (Via IGN)
? A group of very industrious Who-ligans have taken it upon themselves to make a film about the Time War, using nothing but actual Who footage. That’s pretty hardcore, although given the fact that I’m only a minor who fan and even I’m dying to know what happened between the 8th and 9th Doctors, I suppose it was inevitable. (Via The Mary Sue)