STYNK: GRRM Vs. JRRT, Disney, Hasbro, Episode VII, Hobbit, Arrow, Etc.


? George R. R. Martin considers who would win in a battle between his literary creations and J.R.R. Tolkien’s, in what I like to call “Battle of the R.R.s.” NOW GET BACK TO THAT WRITING DESK, GEORGE.

? Is Disney thinking about buying Hasbro? Yes. Duh. Hasbro is denying talks are talking place, and maybe they aren’t (I’d bet they are), but I guantee someone high up is Disney is wondering if they should buy the toy company that has the licenses to their two biggest acquisitions of the last three years. (Via TheForce.net)
? Mark Millar says the only reason Matthew Vaughn dropped out of Days of Future Past was to do some movie called The Secret Service, not for any Star Wars-related reason. (Via /Film)
? Of course, now the rumor is that Lucas met with Colin Trevorrow, who recently directed the indie romantic comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. He may be a genius, but if Disney gives Episode VII to someone this unknown I’ll eat my hat. (Via Collider)
? Radagast’s theme from The Hobbit is all over the place, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.
? Apparently Freddie Prinze Jr. called anime “Japanimation” when discussing the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost the other day, forcing him to issue the world’s most bemused apology to incensed anime fans. It feels weird enjoying something Freddie Prinze Jr. was involved in.
? The Mortal Kombat movie is still a thing that is happening, apparently. (Via Gamma Squad)
? The newest DC villain getting added to Arrow is Count Vertigo. I have no idea who that is. (Via Comics Alliance)
? Warner Bros. finally gave up on the Elfquest movie, and the Pinis handed them immediately over to the girls who made that exceptionally accurate and pretty fan trailer. I’m not a big Elfquest fan, but that’s very cool. (Via First Showing)