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TR Contest Special: The Best/Worst Moments of Disney’s Episode VII



Oh, you knew this was happening.

First things first: This contest is sponsored by the fine folks at Arcane Movie Tees, who will give three lucky Topless Roboteers one of their awesome, movie-inspired shirts! They have a fine selection of subtle, classy and good-looking designs, so check ’em out so you’ll know what you want if you win!
How do you win these shirts? Tell me what you think the best/worst scenes, characters, lines of dialogue, or plot points will be in Star Wars: Episode VII (coming in 2015! God, it still feels weird to type that). You don’t have to incorporate some kind of Disney element in your entries, but of course you’re welcome to. Will Jar Jar make an appearance? Will somebody explain midichlorians aren’t real, and the Jedi only thought they existed because they had a faulty scanner? Will Jaina Solo have a coke nail in honor of her mother? 
I cannot, in good conscience, stifle your creativity on this very important subject, so enter as many times as you want. Keep them short, though — if it’s as long as an opening crawl, I ain’t reading it. the contest ends on Monday, November 5th, at 12:01 am EST. You guys have a great weekend, and if you happen across an abandoned cottage in a public park that has chicken in the fridge, you eat that chicken immediately.