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Coyote Ugly: Every Doomed ACME Gadget on One Poster


Artist Rob Loukotka sat through every original Road Runner cartoon, took note of everything Wile E. Coyote ever bought from the ACME company, and has put all of it on a poster. It’s an epic tribute to fictional failure, exhibit A in any potential lawsuit the clumsy canine could bring to bear…and an extremely worthy use of the artist’s time. From tornado seeds to speed skates, the entire array of malicious malfunctioning merchandise is on display.

Needless to say, he got way more than he needed to fund it on Kickstarter. Poster image after the jump.

Meep Meep Mania

Yeah, it’s hard to see every detail online, which is why you need the real thing, but there are some closeup views at Rob’s Kickstarter page. If you want one, you have five more days to order one.

via Wired