Here’s Monday’s Nerd News Round-Up


PJ McQuade.jpg

? Still looking for the perfect holiday card? Then by all means check out these wondrous Star Wars offerings from artist P.J. McQuade that will give your Yuletide greetings a Lucasian twist. (Via Laughing Squid)
? The Mary Sue is reporting that Martin Sheen’s Uncle Ben will return in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. I don’t know how such a thing is possible, but I’m praying that the answer involves zombies.
? From the “when does this dude sleep?” file comes word that Ian McKellen will be providing the voice of the snowman in this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special titled, wait for it, “The Snowman.”
? Jonathan Frakes reflects upon his time as Will Riker in this interview with NBC Chicago.
? USA Today examines how George Takei made his way from Star Trek to the pages of the latest (and very enjoyable) issue of Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller.
? R.I.P. Nintendo Power. (Via Comics Alliance)
? Geek Girl Chicago reviews Denny’s Hobbit-themed menu.
? io9 brings to our attention the following (sadly fake) outtakes from The Dark Knight Rises:
If only the movie was this entertaining. Zing!