So What Did You Spend Your 2012 Doing?

Bobby Sussman

When I was a kid, if I felt particularly ambitious, I would spend the day renacting the entirety of The Empire Strikes Back with the vintage Kenner toys. This was a challenge back when the Millennium Falcon cockpit only held two figures, and not well, but I made it happen. It was the only one of the three movies I could do – I got into the toys a bit too late to have anything resembling the Death Star, and there was just too much stuff in Jedi, much of it unmade or impossible-to-get at that time.

A guy named Bobby Sussman has taken a similar ambition to its fullest extent: he spent his year recreating every scene from The Empire Strikes Back with toys and an iPhone. No Photoshop. He’s getting close to the end now.

It’s not all he does – there are also photos of Daleks singing Christmas carols, and Slimer riding in Doc Brown’s DeLorean. Go check it out – it’ll make you happy for humanity