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These Carrie Figures Ought to be a Hit, Girl (Updated)


carrie toys.jpg
Amok Time

Chloe Grace Moretz is only a teenager, and already she has multiple action figures of herself. Good luck finding any Hit Girl action figures now that they’re sold out most places, but if you want her looking just like herself – or herself drenched in blood – Amok Time Toys has you covered with this set of 6.5″ Carrie action figures. I don’t see any points of articulation, but the price point ($31.99 for both) and the size suggests these are action figures, and the bloody one could double as a Let Me In toy, if you’ve been wanting one of those.

Significantly, though…I think this is the first time any character from a Stephen King book has been officially made in toy form (there have been unauthorized Jack Torrances, but none authentic). King has long resisted the idea that his creatures are suitable for play, but he may be melting – there’s also a pretty fantastic Creepshow figure available. Maybe this means there’s hope for Pennywise…but until then, Amok Time has your Killer Klown bases covered as well.

I know, I know. You hate the idea of a Carrie remake. But they already remade it as a TV movie where she lived at the end because they wanted a spin-off TV series that never happened – just hope for the new one to be an improvement on that.

UPDATE 12-19: Via Twitter user Decky McCaffrey and NECA, I have learned that these are not Amok Time exclusives, despite being listed as such. Not exclusive to anybody, in fact, and are NECA action figures. I thank them for the correction.