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Your Own Waterproof Force Field.


Yanko Design

Actually, it’s just an air current – but it seems so much cooler to think of it as an invisible deflector. The air umbrella repels water by blowing it away from you in an “air curtain,” and as its ad copy states, “not only it makes people more convenient, but also helps more eco-friendly as reducing the use of a plastic bag.” So all you people who were putting plastic bags over your heads can stop now. Unless you were committing suicide with them, in which case this message probably reaches you far too late.

The writer at Yanko Design who discovered this item is excited:

Physics and a lot of engineering stuff is clogging my brains to accept this design, but if I put these dark clouds of doubt out of the way, we may have something in this concept. Think about it!

I am too – it certainly beats the gutter-bumber-chute.

h/t Gallen_Dugall