Amazing Spider-Man Fan Film from 1989



Before Youtube, making a fan film was no easy undertaking. You might, if you were fortunate, own a massive VHS camcorder, but odds are you didn’t own an editing deck for it. Licensed costumes weren’t at the same level of detail they are today, and hell, we barely had superhero movies – 1989 was the year Tim Burton’s Batman finally gave things a kick in the pants again.

Which makes this fan film all the more impressive. Directly styling itself after the 1967 cartoon, it pricelessly mimics the excessive narration, limited animation poses and cheesiness of those early episodes without ever winking or resorting to deliberately awful acting – this cast is doing the very best job they can at portraying camp without becoming it.

Quite fittingly, filmmaker James Krieg went on to be pretty successful in animation. Be sure to watch the whole thing after the jump.

h/t John Dredge