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Big-Screen Book of Mormon is Coming as Trey Parker and Matt Stone go Indie



Trey Parker and Matt Stone are forming their own company, Important Studios, with heavy investment from their agency, William Morris Endeavor, the New York Times reports. One of the first expected projects is a movie version of The Book of Mormon musical, which is great news for those who can’t afford big-budget theater tickets these days.

I’m fortunate enough to have seen the show, and while there’s more of a singing-to-talking ratio in it than either of the duo’s prior musical movies (Cannibal! and South Park), it’s likelier to win more new converts – appropriate, no, given the plot? – to the form than Les Miz. All the usual Parker/Stone hallmarks are there – in-your-face profanity, social satire, actual affirmation of faith in a very strange and roundabout way, and an astonishing ability to find the middle ground in even the most contentious issues.

Also, the villain is named General Butt-Fucking Naked. Can’t wait for the action figure.