Cartoon Network’s New Lineup: Young Justice, GL out; Powerpuff Girls, Lego Yoda in!



Much is shaking in the Cartoon Network world. DC Nation is not gone, but it will be losing both Young Justice and Green Lantern, to be replaced by new takes on successful pre-existing properties: Beware the Batman, that new CG Batman series where Alfred kicks ass, there’s a female swordswoman sidekick named Katana and all the villains appear to be based on animals (Professor Pyg, Mr. Toad, Magpie); and Teen Titans Go!, featuring the familiar Teen Titans cast in a show that emphasizes “character-driven comedy.”

And while they’re losing The Clone Wars to Disney, the one loophole in the Star Wars rights appears to be that WB owns Lego Star Wars, so you can expect three animated specials called The Yoda Chronicles. Sounds like someone ignored the Jedi master’s key advice and did try…too hard. But we’ll see.

The Powerpuff Girls get a CG revamp for a special that will feature Ringo Starr as a mathematician named Fibonacci Sequins, which is exactly the kind of nerdy in-joke to make the right viewers feel smart. A promised “fresh take” on Tom and Jerry sounds redundant and frightening; every attempt to update them in the past has been misguided at best. And Lego also brings us Legends of Chima, based on those weird new sets you’ve probably seen in stores with the animal-headed dudes.

Returning shows are as follows:
-Adventure Time?
-Regular Show?
-Annoying Orange
-The Amazing World of Gumball?
-The Looney Tunes Show?
-Ben 10 Omniverse
?-Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk?
-Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc.
?-Johnny Test
?-Pok?mon Black & White: Adventures in Unova?
-Beyblade Metal Fury?
-Almost Naked Animals
?-Scaredy Squirrel

Anyone else find the “Dreamworks” in Dreamworks Dragons particularly annoying? I know it shouldn’t be more obtrusive than “Disney’s” whatever, but it doesn’t feel like they’ve earned the right to a brand, except one of annoying pop-culture references and cliched songs, which the Dragons stories are generally pretty good at avoiding.

via Newsarama, which has even more. You want to know about Nick Cannon’s sketch show, right?