Entire Premiere of Banshee in Animated Gifs


All I knew about Banshee until now is that it was one of those annoyingly misnamed things that turns out to have a metaphorical title. Like when you go to see a movie called The Barbarian Invasions, and it’s about a naked French-Canadian dude with cancer.

Something I know about it now is that if you can lip-read, you don’t need Cinemax to enjoy the premiere tonight, because the entire thing has been officially posted…in animated gifs. So no sound, but the entire show, for those who like to spoil themselves with visuals and save the audio for later. Experience what it must be like for a deaf person to watch TV, or a street person to watch it through a store window.

It’s a strange promotional tactic, but it got me to post about it, so hey, why not?