Geek Apparel of the Week: Do You Feel Stay-Puft, Punk?


“I tried to think of the most harmless thing, something that could never destroy us, something I loved from my childhood.” Have you ever noticed how, despite his manifestation as Gozer and destructive tendencies, Ghostbusters‘ Mr. Stay-Puft has come to almost exactly resemble Ray Stantz’s remark? Underboss has, and they want you to feel just as fluffy and divine as a puffed-sugar deity in this full-body hoodie-footie.


Quantities are low, but I’ve been assured that they will restock. Once you’re wearing that, your answer to the question “Are you a god?” should totally be, “Fuck yeah, because I’m pulling this look off, yo!”


C.M. Punk and honey badgers both can and will hurt you, but that’s not what’s going on in this Hot Topic WWE shirt. This is Vince McMahon and his marketing guys once again trying to have things both ways: maintain the PG rating for kids, while using a meme that will only make the older, savvier fans think of profanity. Because we all know that the defining quality of honey badger – in viral videos, at least – is not giving a shit.

That’s the ultimate meaning, anyway. The surface impression, which is what most people will take away, is that the WWE champion’s head has been crudely drawn on the body of a feral quadruped, perhaps as a bizarre type of insult. Or maybe passers-by will try to make up their own joke answer: “He sees the world in black and white?”

Listen, I gave up wearing my “Austin 3:16” shirt in public because I got tired of people asking what it means, and having to tell them the whole King of the Ring story that goes along with it. You might want to save yourself some similar frustration if you’re thinking about this one.