Geek Apparel of the Week: Turtles & Transformers


We start things off today with a cute Shel Silverstein/TMNT mashup design that will be available on tomorrow. Much like Where the Wild Things Are and the works of Dr. Seuss, Shel Silverstein’s books may not be things we talk about daily as part of geek culture, but I’d wager most of us have some nostalgic affection before. Also, some day Ron Howard or Spike Jonze will try to option the movie rights. Reality.

Where the Sewer Pipe Ends by Beware1984.jpg

WeLoveFine recently had a Transformers T-shirt design contest, featuring a panel of judges that included Optimus himself, Peter Cullen, and live-action movie producer Don Murphy. Check out some of the winners after the jump….

You had to figure Cullen would go with something classic. Both shall stand and none shall fall on this particular design.


If you like mashups, this one’s pretty perfect. Beware of “Gurimurokku”!!!


WeLoveFine have asked that I link to the grand prize winner and Don Murphy’s personal pick rather than posting the images here – they’re well worth looking at, and the real picks of this post. Prime picks, if you will.