GIVEAWAY: The Inbetweeners Movie on DVD. Plus Exclusive Clip!


Please, please don’t let this generic and off-putting DVD cover mislead you. The movie’s actually good: a uniquely British-geek sensibility taking on the old “nerds try to get laid on vacation” trope, spun off from a popular UK TV series that MTV attempted to remake over here. I have three of them to give away, and yes, Canadians can enter this one.


Contest rules, along with an exclusive clip from the DVD extras, after the jump.

The Inbetweeners is a comedy about trying to lose one’s virginity, so the contest is simple: tell me (and the world) the single most embarrassing thing about your own first time, in comments below. It doesn’t have to be real; I won’t know the difference. The three I like the best will get DVDs.

Winners will be announced next Friday, so you have until midnight Thursday, January 10th 2012, to enter. Enter as many times as you like, but no individual will win more than one DVD.

Here’s our exclusive clip, in which we learn that the cast actually had to be taught to dance like dorks: