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Layin’ the ShaqDown



So, okay: in the future, mutant zombies will take over and be smart enough to enslave all of us. But there will be one last hope for all those of us who weren’t up to the task of defeating them? A justice bringer? And we will know him as…Shaq?

I thought the era of Shaq-Fu, Kazaam and the cinematic version of Steel was behind us, but am delighted to be proven wrong. Today on iOS and Android, you can play ShaqDown and relive the era when we honestly thought basketball stardom could successfully translate into every other form of entertainment – a reboot of Space Jam is surely not far behind.

Think Shaq versus zombies is preposterous fiction? Listen, I’ll show you preposterous fiction: Shaq’s free throws actually working out and being effective in any way. Wait, that actually happens in the game too? Bust out the Saturn award for sci-fi already.

Gameplay trailer (along with some fun bonuses!) after the jump:

And just for fun…

Source: Kotaku via SlyDante.