Get Youh Asss to Mahs…Via Reality Show?



The MarsOne project, financed privately from the Netherlands, is looking for four good astronauts willing to take a one-way trip to Mars and never return, but rather begin a permanent colony there. Sound good to you? They would encourage you then to sign up for application updates. Once applications are solicited, there will be a four-step process in selecting the team, the third of which will be…an audience-voted reality TV show.

Why reality TV? Because something something blah blah blah the Olympics makes money. I haven’t heard of any of their advisors before, but I’m starting to wonder if they’re secretly Underpants Gnomes. Somehow I don’t think $25 T-shirts will do the trick.

My suspicion is that this could be some really elaborate viral marketing project for an indie film of some kind that we’re not aware of yet. I could be wrong about that, but watch the video after the jump and you tell me.

If it is real…are you game for the journey?