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MODOK Marionette Will Give Me Nightmares Forever


NateTheKnife on Deviantart

Count me as one who never understood why Pee-wee Herman allowed that obnoxious, belligerent redhead puppet Randy to live in the Playhouse, when all he did was pick fights and act like a jerk. I’m starting to think maybe P.W. had a “fight evil with evil” philosophy, because there are marionettes out there who are so much worse.

Randy might insult you, but artist NateTheKnife‘s strung-out sculpt of Marvel villain M.O.D.O.K. looks like he will eat your cat, steal your soul and wear your body like a cheap suit. I’m thinking this is the kind of toy Heath Ledger’s Joker took to bed with him as a kid instead of a teddy bear (yes, I’m severely crossing universes, but it’s not like that’s never been done before). I suspect the strings in this case are to restrain the evil attached, never really having had a chance to actually manipulate the malevolence within.

My inner child screams. Not for joy this time – just a genuine scream.

h/t Da Bearon via Obvious Winner