Star Wars Universe to Flirt with Same-Sex Attraction


No, Neil Patrick Harris hasn’t signed on to do Star Wars Episode VII…yet. But in the latest expansion pack for The Old Republic, players on the new planet Makeb will be able to flirt with same-gender characters.

Here’s the catch – it’s only with non-player characters so far, and it’s only flirtation. Like a date in middle school. But it does make us wonder…since Hutts are supposedly hermaphrodites, didn’t the whole Slave Leia thing in Return of the Jedi count as being at least 50% same-gender flirtation? And if Ziro the Hutt in the Clone Wars movie isn’t into guy-on-guy action, then his inspiration Truman Capote wasn’t either (yeah right).

The image chosen above suggests something we’ve always made jokes about, but what if Threepio were to flirt with his female-voiced prequel counterpart TC-14? Both have exactly the same body, so even though their voice-synthesizers simulate opposite genders – are they really?