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Sin City 2 Cast Shapes up with Brolin, Gordon-Levitt, Haysbert, More


Haysbert’s gonna need a haircut. And shoe lifts.

Yes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing a comic-book movie role. No, it isn’t (as yet) Batman – it’s Johnny. Who? A brand new character created for the Sin City movie sequel, apparently, which otherwise will be based on Frank Miller’s A Dame to Kill for storyline.

Josh Brolin will be taking over the role of Dwight from Clive Owen, which makes some sense, as the character undergoes facial surgery to change his appearance, as referred to in the first film (for those who don’t read the comics – I have to assume that maybe one or two of you might not – we’re talking nonlinear narrative a la Pulp Fiction). He’s also supposed to be bald in this tale – we’ll see if Brolin goes for that. Owen notoriously disallowed his likenesss on any of the prior movie merchandise, but Brolin allowed his for a Jonah Hex figure, so maybe fans can finally have a Dwight toy. In other substitutions, Jamie Chung will be replacing Devon Aoki in the role of Miho, while Dennis Haysbert succeeds the late Michael Clarke Duncan as Manute (I’d have gone for Tiny Lister, myself, but Haysbert can surely do the role in his sleep).

(This isn’t the first time a Sin City actor has been replaced in a sequel – the late Brittany Murphy was succeeded in Happy Feet Two by P!nk. No word yet on whether Murphy’s Shellie will appear in this story as she’s meant to, but allow me to once again suggest Jack Reacher‘s Alexia Fast)

Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba and Jaime King will all be back.

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