Sorry, Nintendo, this Guy Makes Real Power Gloves



While Patrick Priebe may not yet have figured out the secret of using repulsor rays to fly, he has put together a pretty nice Iron Man Laser Gauntlet. It’s but one of many wrist and hand lasers he will custom-build for the right price. And while it may not defeat any evil Asian stereotype villains headed your way, it can pop a mean balloon from a short distance…

(skip to the 2:30 mark for balloon-bustin’ action)

If you’re more into War Machine than Iron Man, though, check this out:

That one, he will not build for you, because he’s not stupid and doesn’t want to be sued the first time you try to be cool and light a cigarette with it. I’ll bet it scares the pants off of potential burglars, though.

h/t Ry rY