The Most FAQ about FFF


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I’m not a big fan of using blog posts to make these kinds of site-maintenance statements, but for some things, just answering in comments won’t do, as there’s one question which keeps coming up in my email inbox and on unrelated threads.

“When are you going to do Fan Fiction Friday?”

The answer isn’t one you’ll be happy with: I’m not. And my refusal isn’t because I don’t want to satisfy the readership.

Not long after I got this job, I spoke with Rob. I brought up the fact that many of you missed the feature. It was a good conversation, and the long and the short of it is that we both agreed it was his creation to keep. Even though his current employer doesn’t choose to run with it at this time, things change. One day he will probably have the opportunity again, and I respect his right to return to it whenever that happens.

I’ve been in his situation before, and I get it.

In other site news, Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a paid holiday for me, so holiday blogging will be in effect. Have a great weekend.