Geek Apparel of the Week: Spock Socks, Boss Man


You might says these items of footwear are pointedly eerie. But they’ll definitely raise a few eyebrows:


The bad news is that they don’t exist yet. The good news is you can still vote for them to exist. There are life signs, but they need a final push to be beamed up into reality.

Meanwhile, WWE is trying to do an irreverent line of humorous T-shirts making fun of themselves, which rarely works – that “UnderQuaker” T-shirt I once bought on clearance is pretty embarrassing, though it did start a conversation with Neil LaBute once when we were both waiting in line for a movie. So score one for awful puns.

The one winner in the bunch, though, is this merging of the late Ray Traylor’s “Big Boss Man” character with a slogan that became popular years after his death. Frankly, the ’80s characters are the ones that even non-fans vaguely remember and smile about. And nothing says ’80s WWF humor like a caricature of a brutal prison guard (just as nothing says late ’90s/early aughts WWE humor like his return as a guy who dug up the Big Show’s father’s casket and fed Al Snow his own dead dog. Yep, that happened) . We just need one of Akeem doing the Harlem Shake for a perfectly anachronistic Twin Towers set.