Mattel Accidentally Spoils Masters of the Universe Toy Fair Reveals


When your toys are catering entirely to an Internet-savvy crowd, putting the images on your server early maybe isn’t the best idea. I wasn’t sure whether or not to show these, but at this point the (Battle) cat is out of the bag and they’re everywhere.

John Morey at Nerditis

Can’t say I’m crazy about the cartoony Filmation stuff, but Icer being translucent is a saving grace. Mantenna’s more like the staction that I already have than I was hoping, but still an impressive sculpt. New Adventures He-Man is my favorite – loving the detail on him. has more images, including Castle Grayskull. And while this spoils most of the surprise, we still don’t know what the new program is that they’ve promised to reveal to get more characters out faster.