Tom Cruise Isn’t Wall-E, Iron Patriot Isn’t Well-Composited

I know, a bit of a reach to tie two unrelated items together. But hey, they’re also both science-fictionish and involve lots of shooting.

You’d think after the terrible photoshop job that was The Avengers poster, and with the backing of Disney dollars, Marvel could do better next time.

For starters, don’t make a guy’s real head bigger than his actual helmet.

iron patriot.jpg

Speaking of guys with proportionately large heads, Tom Cruise’s new movie Oblivion has a pretty cool new trailer. Many people commented that the first one felt like Wall-E with a human lead, but this shows more interesting aspects, including reincarnation, betrayal, nifty Tron-style vehicles and drones from the Tron Legacy director (who is name-checked as such, so despite all the complaining somebody still thinks it’s a flick worth dropping into ads), and featuring Morgan Freeman(TM) as The Wise Old Guy Who Knows Everything(TM).

The first trailer bored me. I like the new one. Check it out after the jump.

h/t: John McClellan for Cheadle, Deadline for Cruise