Rut Your Rucking Race, Uncle Ruckus: The Boondocks Movie You Didn’t Expect

Given the popularity of Aaron McGruder’s comic strip-turned cartoon, you could probably have predicted a movie would happen. But it’s probably not so likely you predicted it’d be this one…


What studio would dare fund a spin-off movie with a protagonist who’s a black handyman who hates black people and is a proponent of flat-out racism?

None. That’s why McGruder has a Kickstarter going. He’s hoping you’ll help him fund it, and has provocatively named donation packages after people he clearly (and in many cases, controversially) considers to be notable racists, from Bull Connor to John Wayne.

It’s a ballsy, bizarre move when you consider that a regular Boondocks animated movie could probably find funding reasonably easily. Though I’d rather see a Gin Rummy/Ed Wuncler III spin-off, I imagine that Charlie Murphy and Samuel L. Jackson don’t come cheap, and getting white actors to lip-sync properly to their audio could be hard.

And you thought Disney was worried about Song of the South (which, by the way, is available on YouTube in its entirety).

I miss having The Boondocks be a newspaper strip. But then I also miss newspapers. Minority opinion, I suspect.

h/t SlyDante