Super Terrific Japanese Thing: “Sexy” Sideways Fangs


Snaggletooth isn’t just a rare blue Kenner action figure any more.

It’s now the hot trend in Japan, where the dentist who pioneered the procedure has founded a girl band, TYB48, to promote the look, dubbed tseuke-yaeba. And you thought Michael Jackson’s dad was the most disturbing pop Svengali you could imagine. I hate to think what could happen if a Japanese body-piercer gets wind of this notion and starts a band to promote…well…you imagine it.


It may be that someone finally shipped some Jewel CDs to the land of the rising sun. Frankly, I reckon they might be helpful with some of the trickier delicacies over there, too, holding live octopus sashimi in place as your back teeth grind it into submission.

Sexy, though? Speaking as a half-English dude with teeth that reflect it, I’m all for fetishizing fucked-up dental distortion. But knowing how teens like to copy their idols (I wish I could erase from history that brief period when I tried to imitate Pauly Shore), the notion that a dentist created a useless cosmetic procedure they could push through pop is way more disturbing that arousing.

via Yahoo