Forget TV-Show Movies – iPhone Breathalyzer is a Crowd-Sourced Project You Can Really Use


Breathometer Image 1.jpg

I don’t generally get political on this site, but I honestly never understood why libertarians oppose driving locks that keep your car from turning on if your booze breath is too high. Seems to me that protects you more than anybody, but I guess the idea is that you should never need protection, and the government shouldn’t have a hand in it if you do.

And that’s why I’m happy about the Breathometer, because it leaves that decision in your hands…if you can afford a smartphone to plug it into (I remain stubbornly behind the times, but if I were not, this would please me more). Now your iPhone will tell you if you should or should not drive, and given how people trust their phones nowadays, this is a positive step above dubious guesswork. (Though if they’re inaccurate, God help the lawsuits.)

That something this obvious needs to be funded via Indiegogo is insane, but like the Veronica Mars movie, the proposal met its goal in less than a day.

I just hope the final project is more on point than the video above, which leaves one of its spokespeople flapping his gums without sound at the end of it. (Watch that video after the jump.)

Driverless cars, of course, will render all of this irrelevant, in our lifetimes with any luck.