NECA’s New Expanded Universe Aliens Figures



One of the more popular things NECA has been doing with certain signature movie lines recently is to do ever-so-slightly non-canonical (assuming the movies alone are the canon) variants. Night Fighter Robocop, a glow-in-the-dark tribute to an old Kenner mailaway, was first (though the Kenner one had a machine gun arm, I feel compelled to point out). At Toy Fair, they revealed a wave of Predator figures that were tributes to old Kenner toy designs, and those have been receiving praise from collectors as well. (These follow the Big Red Predator figure from the Batman fan film “Dead End.”)

There aren’t a lot of movie-based variations on the basic Alien warrior; generally speaking, there’s one new variant per movie, and NECA’s already done the Giger original and the AvP2 Predalien. So what now?

Some were likely hoping they’d do a Kenner tribute here too, with its various animal-inspired mutations. Instead, they’ve gone into the comics universe, with the above two-pack based on Aliens: Genocide, a four-issue Dark Horse series.

If your Big Red Predator is overly fashion-conscious, his best color-coordinated foe has arrived.