Kaiju Gomera: A Really Awkward Japanese CG Toon


From the email I received:

The production company of the full 3D CG war-action rabbit animation ‘Cat Shit One’, IDA, Inc., presents a monstrous kaiju series, KAIJU GOMERA!

These unique children’s mini series with cool VFX & Special Effects have been localized and broadcasted worldwide on YouTube (*Youku in China) in multiple languages. IDA is looking for opportunities in business development, production, merchandising, and more, globally. We are looking forward to your calls!

How can I resist a come-on like that?

“I wanted to produce a pure entertaining children series with the simple stories and funny characters, and hoping it has audiences spontaneous appetite to buy the character toys.” (Junya Okabe, producer, writer and director, CEO of IDA, Inc.)

There’s just one problem. This being Japan, can you guess what the issue might be when it comes to targeting kids?

If you guessed “Gomera has a visible nutsack and penis, and the entire climax of the first video involves him getting shot in the nads,” you’ve been paying attention.

That video is after the jump. Aside from the sex organs, it’s some of the most awkward “comedy” I’ve seen outside of public access TV…only it involves a computer-generated kaiju, so that’s slightly original.