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Super Horrific Brazilian Thing: Tattooing Your Eyeballs Black


People with tattoos are more and more accepted in society today, with the majority of people realizing that folks with a little ink under the skin are regular people just like them.

But then some folks just have to give the entire community a black eye…

Thumbnail image for black eye tat.jpg

That, folks, is no contact lens effect. It’s a Brazilian guy who had the whites of his eyes turned black by jabbing them with tattoo needles. He claims to have cried ink for two days.

Oh yeah – he’s the thirteenth guy to do this. meaning he saw someone else do it and thought, “Yep, seems like a good idea.”

For the Brazilian Society of Ophthalmology, the invasive procedure is not recommended

Ya think? I can’t imagine how sticking a needle in your eye could possibly go wrong. Unless maybe crossing your heart and hoping to die just really, really failed you this time.

Video after the jump, if you dare…

Source: International Business Times via The Locals of Brazil