This Is the End for Michael Cera…Violently


Remember when the big selling point for the House of Wax remake was “Paris Dies”?

I think the money shot may have been given away in this trailer, vis-a-vis the annoying screen presence we’d like to see gorily impaled…

A less R-rated version of this trailer for the comedy in which various celebrities play themselves as obnoxious d-bags was shown at WonderCon, along with a second clip that wasn’t so hot, and I hope is less representative of the film – a spoof of The Exorcist with Jonah Hill in the Regan role, and Jay Baruchel with two kitchen implements tied into a cross as the would-be exorcist. It played like a Scary Movie bit, without even going for the most obvious source of humor…that Catholic rituals could be meaningless when the possessed person is Jewish.

It makes me fear that the premise could collapse if the apocalypse turns out to be of the religious variety – I think more, darker humor could be mined from a realistic threat, but for that there’s always this upcoming film, which I have seen and found to be good…