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Viral Star Trek Sweepstakes Will Force Canadians to Do Math


So, you may have noticed a viral Star Trek site called sprang up recently…

This is just a screen capture. Clicking on it will do nothing.

The idea is to tweet images inspired by Star Trek or the future, and there will be 1,701 prizes. I was hoping to find out what those prizes are, and haven’t found it in the official rules yet, but I did notice this unusual gem:

In the event that a potential Winner is a Canadian resident, such person must also answer correctly within a five (5) minute time period a mathematical skill-testing question without the benefit of any assistance (including without limitation, any calculation devices) before any prize will be awarded to such Canadian potential Winner.


Is this a normal thing that I just never heard of before? Why are we making Canadians do math? Is it that we think they’re smarter, and need to prove that they’re actual Canadians? Or are we assuming that they’re drunk on superior beer, and this our version of a sobriety test?

Set phasers on “confused.” Have any of my Canadian readers encountered this before?