Exclusive Cover Premiere: Archie 1000 Page Comics Extrvaganza



Is this of interest? I confess that I don’t know.

Archie is one of those things that I’ve mocked over the years, suspecting everyone in the room would agree with me, only to be met with surprising defensiveness and a declaration that Archie is, in fact, somehow awesome, or at least that one of his supporting cast members is. So here’s the official debut of the cover for this all-color comic on sale August 7th.

Archie 1000 Page Comics Extravaganza is the latest volume of our biggest-ever collections, featuring over 100 full-color stories in a format similar to the hugely popular Archie Digest series at an amazing price! Follow America’s favorite red-head as he navigates the pressures of the American teenager in the awkward, charming and hilarious way you’ve come to know and love. Features the same mix of wild humor, awkward charm and genuine relatability that has kept Archie and the gang relevant for kids and adults alike for over 70 years. It’s 1000 pages of Archie fun at one low price!

I do like wearing a paper crown when I’m wasted, but I don’t think it was Jughead who inspired me thusly. Could have been subliminal, I suppose.

And the amazing price they speak of is $14.99, which seems decent for 1000 pages. Battlefield Earth has more than 1000 pages and it usually costs more. Plus it sucks, and I suspect this won’t.