GIVEAWAY: Geeky Home Accessories by Deeply Dapper


Need a new key rack?


How about a light switch plate?


Or a cool car sticker, maybe?


I suspect you might like to take home all three, courtesy of our friends at Deeply Dapper. You can also mix it up – the prize package is actually one each of ANY keyhook, light plate and sticker from their store. The above would be my personal choices, but yours may vary.

I’m going to make this contest quicker than usual. It will end as soon as the Overnight/Weekend Open Thread appears on Friday (usually around 10 p.m.). Enter below in comments as often as you like.

Here’s your entry assignment: Imagine that in twenty years or so, there is a Harry Potter sequel – NOT reboot – made using the same actors, a la Episode VII. Tell me what you might guess your favorite (or least favorite) line(s) of dialogue in it might be. Feel free to explain your choice by introducing new characters, justifying plot changes, etc.

Here’s the twist – I’m going to let the folks at Deeply Dapper pick their favorite. Unless they don’t want to; I should probably have asked them first. Oh well. If they say to me “nay,” I’ll be the decider.

They’re also offering a special, TOPLESS ROBOT discount for the month too – 20% off when you use the code “WHOSERESPONSIBLE”

Now get to it!