GIVEAWAY: The ABCs of Death on Blu-ray



The ABCs of Death is loaded with such twisted, sick humor that I think it’s a perfect giveaway for all my readers. This is a movie for which, at Fantastic Fest, we were all given free beers to shotgun in advance. It takes the innocent concept of learning the alphabet and turns it depraved.

And if you want to win one of the four copies I’m giving out, you’re going to do likewise.

Take a children’s book – any classic will do – and imagine it turned into a two-minute short in which at least one person dies at the end, like those included in the film. Describe it in comments below. Remember that this is a pitch for a SHORT – yes, FakeAssName, I’m looking at you.

This contest will close end-of-day Tuesday, May 28th, at 11:59 p.m. Enter as often as you wish, with the knowledge that if every other post I see is from you and you’re just tossing out every possible thought rather than focusing on one good one, it may not help you. Quality wins over quantity, and those that make like one of Professor Frink’s attributes – make me laugh or make me think – tend to do better.

As always, feel free to think outside the box. if you want to actually make a short, do it. Photoshop a fake poster? Sure. I award ideas, not technical proficiency, so don’t worry if your skills aren’t perfect.