Guess Who’s on Kickstarter Now? (It Rhymes With Schmob Schmiefeld)



Remember Rob Liefeld’s comic Brigade? I don’t, particularly, but I guess it was a big deal at some point. He’s started a crowd-funding campaign because – literally – he can’t give them away now.


In a strange sort of logic that escapes me, he’s asking you to give him money so he can give you a comic for free. I know the business of comic distribution is convoluted and corrupt, but isn’t this just the most tortuous way possible to charge money for a comic like everyone else does?

Liefeld trying to raise funds for a movie, I would get – he keeps optioning stuff and then none of it ever gets made. If he could pull a Zach Braff and demonstrate fan interest, it might secure him a greenlight.

But this? Given the way people respond to his name, I actually have a better idea for fundraising: if he were to sit in a dunk tank at Comic-Con and charge people a buck, he’d get that $17,500 less than halfway through the show, easy.

After the jump, his pitch video which asks, “What would Badrock do?”