Life-Sized Teddy Bear Girl from The Walking Dead Will Ensure You Never Sleep Again


I know it’s something I say to myself on a regular basis: “You know, I’m just not tired enough, and those five-hour energy drinks mixed with vodka and crushed vitamin B tablets just aren’t helping things any. I need the stuff of nightmares in my house to deter any reasonable chance of restful slumber while I worry about something wanting to bite my face off.”

Oh hai Morbid Enterprises. You say you haven’t just made a realistic, life-sized replica of the zombie girl from The Walking Dead‘s first episode, but that that she also has motion-activated snarling and grabbing action?

And she costs less than most Hot Toys figures despite being four times the size and having an action feature to scare the piss out of me?

Not that I’ll ever be allowed to actually have this in our home, but yeah, thanks for making it, guys.

UPDATE with assist from GrimlockPrime: She’s available now and cheaper as another site’s exclusive, and has been for a while? Kinda skeezy, Entertainment Earth.