Memorial Day Weekend Open Thread


If you don’t know any actual fallen warriors to commemorate, there are some great ones in fiction. At least one of whom now has a toy.


Now, I’m turning this post over to regular commenter FakeAssName, who has a gift for fellow readers. It’s up to him to deliver on it, but I’d bet he will.

Since I’m still riding the warm fuzzy from all the nice things you all said about my over sized Matrix redevelopment plan; I decided to hold my own give away! Memorial Day weekend here in USAlund, I figured what better way to celebrate than by giving away some good-old-fashioned Blood?

Ok, I’m actually talking about the PC Video Game’s “Blood” & “Blood 2: The Chosen” … a couple of games from back in Monolith’s early days (they of now WB property, you probably have heard of their “F.E.A.R.” games) wherein you play a homicidal, undead, demonic psychopath on a quest for vengeance against his own Evil cult after being betrayed by them. I will be giving out each game to two separate winners on Sunday, decisions will be C/O a random number generator.

and yes I am aware that the subject mater is somewhat inappropriate / sacrilegious for the event, but I’m a Vet myself, so stuff it; the right to sacrilege is part of the benefits package for living in the same pair of underwear for a week as you are forced to wander around death valley.

Editorial note: since he doesn’t actually say how to enter – just express your interest below and we’ll let him figure out the details – LYT

Please note that Memorial Day is a day off for me too, and minimal holiday posting will be in effect. I never lost a relative to war, but my paternal grandfather whom I never knew came back missing the use of one arm and half his sanity, and my late maternal grandfather was an RAF POW in Germany, who later re-met and forgave his captors.

My father-in-law to be, however, lost many, many comrades to Vietnam. I don’t want to debate the politics of any given war on this site (in the end, they’re all terrible in their way), but if you want to tell the tales of any you’ve lost to battle, by all means do so below. And know that anyone being a dick to you about it is subject to moderation.