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Real-Life Facehugger: The Woman Impregnated by Seafood



Okay, so this happened last year, but it seemed worth talking about…

When it comes to labels and definitions of words like “nerd” and “geek,” I’ve always identified most with the classical meaning of geek – a sideshow freak who bites the heads off live animals. In my case, they’ve generally been shrimp, and they’ve not put up a fight.

Now, restaurants make you aware of the risks to your digestion of eating raw seafood. What they don’t do is warn you that your dinner could ejaculate into your mouth, with spermatophores that burrow into your skin. You might have a hard time arresting your dinner for beastiality, but the charge would not be inaccurate.

Check out the date of this story from last year, too: June 15th.

It’s like this was the world’s grossest marketing campaign for Prometheus.

Too late for Hamlet 2.

h/t Dana Harris