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When Eating’s Too Hard: Gravy Fries-Flavored Soda!



I blame Doc Brown – not the Christopher Lloyd version, but the soft-drink company – for starting (I think) the horrible trend of sodas based on savory foods by inventing Cel-Ray, the gag-worthy sweetened-celery beverage.

Now Jones Soda thinks they’re doing Canadians a solid by making a poutine-flavored carbonated cocktail. Instead, I suspect they’re going to make anybody who tastes it curse the name of Jones harder than Belloq ever did. Whoever decided that adding cheese and gravy to fries was a good idea should rightfully be a national hero, but the person who then decided that it would be better if you could drink it instead deserves to be force-fed Cel-Ray.

The only possible redemption I could see for it is as an ingredient in a really twisted version of Quebec”s favorite adult beverage, the Caesar. Because if you’re already drinking something that tastes like tomatoes and clams, might as well have a side of fries.