Whoa – David Lynch Made a Duran Duran Movie?


Never have the lyrics, “I’ll tell you something, I know what you’re thinking” held less meaning. Because I never, ever saw this one coming. For one thing, Lynch’s movies tend towards either very retro, classic tunes (“In Dreams”) or cutting edge experimental stuff (Rammstein in Lost Highway). Duran Duran…is neither.

Not that I don’t love me some double-D – “A View to a Kill” remains the Bond theme most favored by my aural senses. But that was them years ago – nowadays they’re the guys known for a song aptly called “Ordinary World,” and a hilariously whitebread cover of Grandmaster Melle Mel’s “White Lines.” They’ve become the kind of bland nostalgia that Lynch deftly undercut in Blue Velvet.

Which might make him the perfect fit after all. But…”American Express presents”? Never thought I’d see a corporate sponsor line up behind the maker of Eraserhead.

After the jump, a very different cinematic take on “A View to a Kill.”

via Bleeding Cool