GIVEAWAY: Zombie Garden Gnome


Via Chris and Jane’s Place, makers of 10.5-inch tall gnomes of the undead, made-of-cement variety, comes Patient Zero Point Five, the younger brother of Patient Zero. He may look semi ‘armless, but he can turn your lawn into a real Gnome Man’s Land in a hurry. He wants to run through your wicked garden; heard that’s the place to find flesh.

If you like him, wait till you see the whole family, who include in their number a bloody makeout couple, and a group of the hat-wearing hellspawns chowing down on the guts of a pink flamingo. Even John Waters didn’t go there.

This sinister statue is valued at $47.99, but you can disturb your neighbors at no charge if you win him from me. As this is a higher-end item, let’s make this a photo contest. Grab the photo of the gnome above, and manipulate it any way you choose – or not. Post your image in comments below – any questions on how to do that, post them in a comment and someone will help you. Whichever one amuses me the most will win.

You have one week – the contest closes June 12th at 11:59 p.m. Enter as often as you like. By entering, you grant me permission to use your meme on Topless Robot and its affiliated sites (Facebook, Twitter etc).