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Retro 3-3/4″ Six Million Dollar Man Action Figures


Normally when companies set out to make retro-’70s toys, they base them on the 8″ scale made popular by Mego. But it would seem that some are now turning their eye to the preferred scale from the tail end of that decade…


I’m not sure quite what the market is for these, but presumably there are still some Lee Majors fans out there. Zica Toys is also making Bionic Bigfoot, who was initially portrayed by Andre the Giant – so in the loosest sense of all, you can enact an Andre-Steve Austin dream match.

Still, as much of a throwback as this is, nothing’s quite as retro as the character’s name. Bionic implants for a mere six million? HA! Nowadays, he’d be lucky if setting two broken legs didn’t cost that much on its own.