Signs of the Apocalypse: Weird Al Tribute in Burlesque

I get it when burlesque troops put on nerd-themed shows…most of the time. A dancer cosplays as your favorite comic-book character, and it can be a turn-on. Sexy Stormtroopers, heroes who peel of their spandex – I get it.

But not EVERY nerd obsession needs to get this treatment


There’d be a good joke here if they’d done a Michael Jackson burlesque the previous week and this was a parody of it. But – and no offense to anybody who might have ever slept with Weird Al Yankovic – I don’t think “Sexy Female Weird Al Cosplayer” is high on anybody’s list of turn-ons.

I’m a little worried that if this succeeds, the next step is a Nerdist Podcast burlesque show, with Sexy Female Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. Before you ask, I guarantee they’ve done shows that combine toplessness and robots before.

BONUS SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish” is an actual upcoming TV show. Which I found out about from the website