First Lego Movie Building Set Revealed


Well, it sure does look like Lego.

That’s the hero guy in what I’d reckon is a fake mustache, riding in panicked fashion with the devil-may-care female lead, as they escape from the cops, presumably on the run for a crime they didn’t commit, or something. Change the orange parts to red and you could make a pretty decent Akira bike.

No Batman or other licensed characters included so far. I suspect the rights agreements may forbid that kind of crossover in toy sets, though it’ll be interesting to see whether that holds true for T-shirts, posters and other things in that vein.

Expect more movie toys to show up at Comic Con in the next few days. In semi-related news, Hasbro revealed Peter Weller’s “evil Enterprise from Star Trek Into Darkness. They had to reuse those base pieces somehow.