What Could Be Worse Than Planes? The Planes Rip-Off, With Rob Schneider and Fire-Farting


Planes already seems pretty bottom-of-the-barrel, at least by Disney standards – take a spinoff of your popular subdivision’s worst (but highest merchandised) movie, releasing it without even putting their name on it (so as not to embarrass them?), and replace Jon Cryer with Dane Cook as the lead voice.

And yet here’s Lionsgate, having found a Russian rip-off of said movie, giving it a quick redub, and coopting the name of the first ever movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture to boot. Josh Duhamel and Hilary Duff may or may not be worse than Dane Cook.

Now it’s The Asylum’s turn. I suggest instead of CGI that they just throw toy planes across the room and film that in slow-motion.

via Slashfilm