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Big Wheels For Adults Are Now a Thing



When I was a kid, I spent many summer afternoons tooling around my street on my Big Wheel. It was just a standard, budget-priced vehicle that’s most splashly feature was the streamers that dangled out of the handlebar. When I reflect upon those warm afternoons filled with the sort of carefree innocence and freedom that people spend thousands of dollars on collectibles and/or therapy sessions in an effort to recapture, I think about how content I was then…and wonder whatever happened to the neighborhood thug who stole my sturdy plastic racer and set it on fire for kicks. But then the memory goes away, replaced by such concerns as paying rent and fulfilling the rest of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for myself.

That is until now. You see, adult Big Wheels now exist. Yes friends, an unexpected result of living in an age that champions arrested development is that you can now ride around in a goofy large replica of a childhood racer courtesy of High Roller. Okay, so technically it is a trike designed to look like a big wheel, but why split hairs? This comes complete with a steel frame, the aformentioned handlebar streamers, a ginormous 26-inch front tire and the ability to support 275 pounds of your dubious purchase-making self. The price to recapture such past glory and earn the admiration of your peers? A mere $599. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it is a Rolls Royce for the emotionally stunted or irrefutable proof that we live in a glorious time.

Just a head’s up, if the rest of today’s posts are late it’s because I’m roaming around Philly on this thing, blaring Chamillionaire’s “Ridin’ Dirty” and generally being awesome. (Via Wired)