GIVEAWAY: Mario-Style Bowser Shell Backpack & T-Shirt



Via our friends at comes some Mushroom Kingdom merchandise we’re pretty sure you’ll want to jump on, possibly with fiery abandon. The Ninja Turtles may have ultimately owned the ’90s, but it was these shellishly aggressive critters that owned our asses over and over on the old NES. I have samples of these in hand and can attest to their quality – now it’s your turn to come get some.

To have a shot at getting this Bowser gear free, simply answer this question in comments below, as often as you wish:

Let’s say Michael Bay – or any other director that obviously knows little about the property – decides to reboot the Super Mario Bros. movie. Describe to me a scene from that film, casting whoever you wish.

Contest runs through Aug. 13th. I’d end it sooner but my wedding week’s coming up and you might as well use the extra time I won’t have to judge.