GIVEAWAY: Tommy Wiseau’s “Tommy Wi-Show” on DVD

Oh hai readers! I’ve someding for yuuuu…


I’m so happy I have you as my best audience, and that I love giveaways so much. If you missed “The Tommy Wi-Show” when it was on Machinima, you need to catch up – like Mystery Science Theater 3000 on mescaline, it was a series of shorts that saw the unusual and expressive star/creator of The Room transported to a space station and forced by aliens to play video games, something he had clearly never done before in his life. And not just that – it was like the actual concept of video games escaped him, even as he was playing them.

I interviewed Tommy back when the show was first running, and it was maybe my favorite interview I’ve ever done, because it’s something you could never make up even if you tried. I was told after the fact that it was one of his favorite interviews also, so when I saw that the DVD was now available (buy it here) I reached out to see if I could score a few for you guys. I did that and more.

The disc includes all episodes and outtakes, plus “Another 30 minutes of ultra-secret content that we can’t reveal here, half of which has never been released in any way before! (HINT: You’ll find out what it is immediately after you buy it!).” Based on the back cover below, I’m guessing this content involves the short film “The House That Drips Blood on Alex,” also starring Wiseau, which plays like an unofficial supernatural sequel to The Room.


There are THREE prize packages to be won in this giveaway.

First prize wins the DVD, along with two limited-edition posters and a T-shirt for “The House That Drips Blood on Alex.”



Second prize wins the DVD and a T-shirt.


Third prize is a DVD only.

But if you want this to come out right, you do have to plan too much. In comments below, create your best Tommy Wiseau meme, bearing in mind that almost every possible Room meme has already been done, so you’ll get bonus points for using images of Tommy in other things like “The Tommy Wi-Show,” and of course you can create your own backgrounds for him as well. Be sure the image shows up in comments, and bear in mind that by entering, you grant me permission to use your meme on our social media channels.

Contest ends Aug. 14th at 11:59 p.m. Do you have everything covered?